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Bathtub refinishing

Sometimes we people can do the strangest things. I’m sure many of you as I have been down to the local supermarket or D.I.Y Store browsing the aisles for the perfect tile cleaner, countertop cleanser, or all-in-one kitchen/bathroom cleaner and suddenly became dizzy with the plethora of products available.

When we go to a shop, we don’t always choose the best products, due to lack of product knowledge, so we go for what sounds good, what’s cheapest or most expensive. So it’s no wonder, after some time you may have problems in the kitchen or bathroom especially if you skimped on your bathtub, tiles and or shower cabinet that were of mediocre quality.

Before and after bathtub refinishing

So what are these issues?

Firstly, inferior cleaning products will not get you the desired effect.

Secondly, if your furnishings or tiles are of inferior quality it can be unsafe for you and your family from an ecological point of view.

Thirdly, eventually and probably sooner than later you will need to repair these things which are not economically advantageous to you so you‘ll probably need some type of bathroom refinishing service.

Nowadays, who’s got extra money to throw away and if you did, why would you. Here’s where your soon to be new friends at Miami Bathtubs can help.

What can Miami Bathtubs do with an old or inferior quality bathtub?

What can Miami Bathtubs do with an old or inferior quality bathtub?

We repair

  • bathtub chip
  • bath enamel
  • crack in bathtub

If you’re hoping for an advantageous deal, we can offer you our bathtub refinishing service. It’s a service which entails the restoration of a bathtubs surface, a resurfacing service in other words. Our specialists will do it hassle free, quickly and effectively, and as an added bonus our prices are quite affordable.

At Miami Bathtubs our services such as bathtub restoration, shower cabinet resurfacing, tile and tub refinishing are very popular. Bathtub repair services are at an all time high in these times and Miami Bathtubs has never been busier due to our friendly, superior craftsmanship.

What are the advantages of our services? Take a look:

  • we can guarantee you high quality bathtub resurfacing, it’s our specialty.
  • This service includes bathtub reglazing and resurfacing to make your bathtub look brand new.
  • Miami Bathtubs is economically advantageous for thrifty people. If you want to keep your money in your pockets, we’re the only ones to call. Our bathtub resurfacing & refinishing cost is affordable for you.
  • Also, we offer the service of repainting your bath.
  • Miami Bathtubs uses only the highest grade materials.

Our methods are very effective.

This jacuzzi for 8-10 peoples was in a really bad shape. Our team fixed all the cracks and dents and bought it back to life! Our customer John in Plantation was really happy to see his restored jacuzzi looking shiny and white.

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Refinishing your bathroom with Miami Bathtubs can give your tub a second lease on life.

Our latest works

Bathtub refinishing

Bathtub refinishing

This bathtub is made from carbon fiber. By the time we took on this project, the tub was previously painted. Also, it had deep chips and scratches all over. Our technician had to remove the old paint. Afterwards, he fixed all the issues that the surface of the tub had and resurfaced it in white color. Now the bathtub looks like a brand new – shiny and white!

Client review

Our latest works before amd after

Shower and tile refinishing

Shower and tile refinishing

This shower pan with 3 walls was moldy all around, and the grout was missing everywhere. We fixed all the issues and made it look like a new shower pan. Miamibathtubs is always ready to make it happen for you!

Client review

Client review

Bathroom remodeling

Bathroom remodeling

This project was composed of a standard size bathtub and surrounding tile walls. We had to fix scratches that the tub had and grout between the tiles; as well as change the color of the tub from old pink to white and resurface the walls in white color. As you can see on the pictures, the tub looks great.

Client review

Bathroom remodeling review