Acrylic bathtubs: advantages and disadvantages

It is very important to dedicate utmost attention to choosing a bathtub if you decided to remodel your bathroom. Bathtub is not an element of interior that is being updated every three years – correctly picked bathtub can serve you more than one decade.

In many cases sales-consultants recommend getting acrylic bathtubs, as they are very popular and have wide range of advantages. However, acrylic bathtubs have some disadvantages too; but should we consider them as critical?! Let`s look further into this.

Main characteristics of acrylic bathtubs

  • Firstly, we will have to note that bathtubs made of this material differ by size, shape and color, so locating desired model will be very easy even if you wish to move on with special bathroom interior design
  • Usually acrylic bathtubs are being compared to cast iron bathtubs; however, second option differs by greater weight, which are very hard to transport and install if you decide to do it on your own. Acrylic bathtub – is the best option
  • It is very easy to maintain acryl, moreover germs do not breed on acryl

Sounds great, however these are not all of the advantages of acrylic bathtubs. There are few more features which are being highlighted by all manufacturers.


The main feature is that all acrylic bathtubs can hold appropriate water temperature for very long time. Acryl by itself is not cold type of material – this is very important, especially when there are temperature sensitive people in the house; e.g. kids who react to any temperature changes.

Acryl is resistant to aggressive chemicals and the only thing worth considering while purchasing cleaning detergents is that there are no abrasive particles in composition of cleaning supplies. Maintaining acrylic bathtubs is easy.

Acrylic bathtubs are very simple to install; however, it is better to request assistance from specialist. Here, in Miami Bathtubs you can request any bathtub installation at any time and we will quickly complete the task.


The only disadvantage that can be highlighted here is the fact that acrylic bathtubs are not as durable as iron cast bathtubs. And there is an opinion that fixing acrylic bathtub is almost not possible – it is cheaper to get the new one. However, we can always argue on that, as our specialists can quickly fix even serious damages in the bathtubs. Call us at any convenient time!