Acrylic bathtubs: coating features and possible problems

Due to its light weight and esthetic beauty acrylic bathtubs are very popular. They are easily transported and installed, and this shiny look will remain there for years.

If you wish to have a bathtub with unordinary shape – there is no better option. Due to its pliability, acryl allows designers to experiment with it. For instance, big round shaped bathtubs are very trendy now and they perfectly fit spacious bathrooms.

Coating Features

Acrylic bathtubs are different from many other bathtubs because they have impeccably smooth surface and can remain its whiteness even after many years of usage. The color does not darken and does not change when exposed to different foams and pearls – a really nice perk for those who love such products. However, there are few points, which many consider as disadvantages:

  • if you use cleaning supplies with abrasive components, most probably you will have to say bye to smooth surface, as scratches and even cracks will start to appear there very soon;
  • acryl simply melts under influence of very high temperatures, so make sure that such objects do not touch the surface;
  • glue, varnish and acetone can quickly damage the surface as well, therefore ensure that these types of compounds do not fall on acryl.

What should be done if the surface is damaged

Modern technologies allow dealing with scratches and dark spots, and even with cracks. Miami Bathtubs Specialists will assist you in picking special polishes which can quickly bring your bathtub back in order. It is highly recommended to maintain bathtubs after each use and exclude all cleaning supplies with abrasive particles, even the smallest ones. We also offer complete refreshment of coating using liquid acryl. The new layer is poured on top of the old one – it is evenly distributed, dries out, and the result is ideal surface without any smudges. This type of surface is very easy to keep and maintain. If you an acrylic bathtub is in need of repair – call us at any convenient time!