Acrylic bathtubs

Acrylic bathtubs gradually replace steel and cast-iron bathtubs of the previous generation. They gained enormous popularity due to its lightness and perfect surface appearance. In addition, these bathtubs are non-slip. They retain heat well, and it is such a pleasure to take a bath in them. However, there is also one major drawback: the acrylic bathtub is quite fragile and sensitive to external influence. Over time, acrylic bathtubs not only lose their original shine and smoothness.

As a result of wear and misuse, more serious defects appear, and they require restoration. The main of them are stain marks left by chemicals, rust and ground-in stains. Some spots can be cleaned with liquid cleaners; others remain on the enamel forever and spoil the mood every day.Chipping and cracks are the most common flaws of the acrylic bathtubs. Usually, the bathtub cracks under the heavy weight of the owner, and the chips may occur due to showerhead falling. Scratches, as a rule, appear due to aggressive abrasive cleaning detergents or powders, as well as due to putting heavy objects in the tub, or bathing animals without a special mat. Burned areas.It happens that the bathtub may be accidentally burned. For example, with pipe soldering-copper. Through hole is not such a rarity.

Due to the fact that the acrylic tub is a solid product, a strong mechanical damage may cause the appearance of the through hole. Such damage to the bathtub is difficult to make in domestic environment. Holes usually appear during the repair, for example, when the handyman drops tiles or construction tools in the bathtub. When the bath looks like a battlefield, there is a choice: to buy a new bathtub or restore the old one. When you weigh pros and cons, and choose the second option, you will be pleased to know that acrylic bathtubs of any condition can be restored.

The only question is who will perform the repair of the bathtub: you or a specialized company. The market of restoration materials for household plumbing offers a wide choice of special repair kits for the restoration of this type of baths. These kits, first of all, help save your money. The manufacturer claims that anyone may do the repair with them. This is partly true. However, high-quality repair can only be in the case of a local defect correction of the decorative layer. More serious defects such as through holes, require complex maintenance and hands of the expert.


Restoration of acrylic bathtubs

The most efficient and reliable way to solve the problem of repair is complete restoration of acrylic bathtubs by filling method involving the specialist. Liquid acrylic is used in this case. It is a highly viscous liquid bicomponent polymer. In this case, any acrylic surface is completely restored with the best result since the work is done using special equipment.

In addition, the expert individually selects the desired acrylic brand and properly puts thick layer by using the filling method, which also requires practical experience. If the bathtub has chips and holes, acrylic bathtub restoration is done by a complex restoration with elimination of these defects using a special filler and glass fiber. Chemical and thermal damage of the bathtub are fixed the same way. Cracks are also leveled with the filler and drilling edges to protect it from further spreading.

Giving the restoration of acrylic bathtubs to the service company means a professional approach, reasonable price, long lifetime and uncompromised quality. The repair of the product is done with the provision of formal guarantees, so you do not have to worry about the quality of the work performed.