Bathroom Ceiling Options. Part III

We previously discussed some refinishing options for bathroom ceilings. Bathrooms are special and you should consider such important factors as abrupt temperature changes and high humidity. We’ve already listed the main types of ceiling coatings, but there are some more. There is a chance that one of them will be the best decision for your bathroom. Let’s go over them and see what they are and what pros/cons they have.

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Ceiling tile is one of the most popular and aesthetic finishing material options. Tile is usually chosen among all other options because of its huge variety of colors and textures. Great choice lets customers perfectly finish bathrooms designed in literally any style.


  • Low weight;
  • Possible element correction during the installation process;
  • Easy cleaning;
  • Affordable prices.

Cons include a time-consuming surface preparation process and a compelled correction of elements during the installation (as each element has to be precisely adjusted to the desired parameters). Professional help will be needed to perfectly align all parts.

Stretch ceilings

This option can be easily called universal. Nowadays, not only you can find any color of your preference, but also use photo printing services to apply the image you like to the ceiling. A good picture can visually enlarge your small room and raise your ceiling level.


  • Moisture-resistance: this material prevents condensation on its surface;
  • High aesthetics;
  • When exposed to water, stretch ceilings withstand high pressure and keep their shape.

There are also some disadvantages. The installation process is very complicated, and it has to be addressed to the specialists. The surface can be easily damaged with any sharp object. This type of finishing material is far from being affordable as compared to some other materials.

What should you do after selecting an option?

Contact professionals for sure! Only a proven company can quickly and easily install the ceiling, making sure that you are one hundred percent satisfied with the result. Here at Miami Bathtubs, we can handle assignments of any complexity. Call us anytime to give our professionalism a try!

Foto: Bathroom Ceiling Options