Bathroom refinishing: How, Why and What to Use

Many people often ask how realistic it is to change the color of the bathtub, including cast iron one. Everything is possible, if you use a right paint and are not afraid to refer to specialists – only a trustworthy company can guarantee an excellent result.

Why this procedure may be necessary?

Refinishing a bathroom is usually done for a variety of reasons, but most often, there are the following reasons:

  • you can allocate a small amount of money for easy repairs, and the replacement of the bathtub does not fit in the budget at all;
  • cast iron bath and cast iron itself are in excellent condition, and only minor chips and scratches bother you, which are easier to paint over;
  • You have furnished the bathroom with antique appliances or decorated the walls with vintage tiles, and when replacing the bath, some of these things will have to be removed, which can lead to damage;
  • You have recently done repairs and do not want to dismantle the bathtub and change the tiles, as this is unnecessary trouble and wasting time and money;
  • You bought and installed a plastic liner on the bathtub, but this experience was clearly unsuccessful and did not bring a good result.

Can I do refinishing myself?

Yes, but the likelihood that you can do this perfectly from the first attempt is extremely small. Only a few are able to apply paint evenly, so that there are no stains. In such case, it will be necessary to redo everything, and this is extra expense.

Why should you take the help of experienced specialists? Because it’s fast, long-lasting and of high quality. Referring to a company with a good reputation, you will not worry about how long tnew paint will last: it will serve you good dozen years, and maybe even more.

How to prepare for refinishing?

To ensure that during the work the paint does not accidently mark any of the interior items, we recommend taking whatever you can out of the bathroom, and what is not possible to take out, it is better to cover with polyethylene or any other liquid-proof material.

In our work, we use only compounds that are environmentally safe, so sharp odors will not make you nervous. However, if you are allergic or possess a very acute sense of smell, still think about how to protect yourself. Open the windows in the whole house or just go somewhere for a couple of hours.

Why do you need to contact us?

Because Miami Bathtubs knows exactly how to achieve the ideal shiny coating without a single flaw. We quickly accept jobs and arrive exactly at the specified time, which will seem convenient for you. Call us and you will see it yourself!