Bathroom repair ideas

Every morning starts with the bathroom, and it should trigger only positive emotions – otherwise the day will go wrong. If its look leaves much to be desired, it’s time to think about some transformation.

New design of bathroom is the thing that can save the face. What to start with? Let’s mentally divide the bathroom into some parts and take a good look at each one of them.



This is a key element of the room. That is why the bathtub should be regularly put into trim. Cracks, yellow spots, chip enamel – this is the nonexclusive list of damages your bathtub can be hit by.

  • If the old cover is no good at all – it got yellow and lost its original look – order bathtub resurfacing. This quick and efficient procedure will make your bathtub shine again.
  • Crackle and faded paint is not the reason to buy a new bathtub. The simple action of bathtub repainting will fix all imperfections.
  • If the bathroom seems too boring, add some accessories: a bright shower caddy or a cupboard will look excellent.


Decor of walls and floor in a bathroom is of key importance. The final image depends on chosen colors, so it is necessary to be careful with color-scheme. If you have no idea how your bathroom should look like, ask for help of experienced designer.

  • As for the work with tiles, in time it definitely wears out.  But instead of replacing it, which will cost you a lot of money, you can order tile refinishing. Team of professionals will quickly brush up the tiles, get rid of crackles, dirt and yellow spots.
  • If you have already decided what kind of tiles you want, but not sure that you can do the tiles in your bathroom on your own, the best choice would be tile installation. Professionals will manage it better and faster than a newbie, and you will save time and money instead of wasting it for repairing. It is a cost-effective and ideal solution.


It is used very often, so it goes out of order faster than any other elements of interior. Spots and cracks are only the beginning. Sometimes you can carelessly drop something heavy, and big pieces of enamel can come off.

Such damages are impossible to mask, so we suggest you a great way out – sink reglazing. This service as well as all above mentioned, you can order in our company at any time. In Miami Bathtubs, we know how important it is to have a bathroom which can make you happy, and we will do our best for you.