Bathtub enamel restoration

Bathtub enamel restoration with self-leveling acrylic provides high aesthetic characteristics and strength properties, operational comfort and an unprecedented long life. Restoration is done by covering the front surface of the bathtub with a new layer of liquid acrylic, a two-component polymer of a new generation, designed specifically for household plumbing.

These works are available for both old and modern acrylic, steel and iron bathtubs of all shapes and sizes. Restoration of bath enamel with wide use of impact-resistant and durable liquid acrylic (one bath takes an average of 3.5 kg of composition) determines solid thickness of a coating layer.

Depending on the angle of inclination of the surface it is up to 8 mm. Standard time of restoration is 2 hours, term of acrylic hardening is 16 or 36 hours at a temperature of 25 C. The company’s warranty on the coating is 3 years. The actual service life is up to 25 years.


The Beauty of Updated Bathtub

Bathtubs restored with liquid acrylic by professionals are indistinguishable from the new ones. Enamel restoration of the bathtubs completely changes its old look, eliminating all defects such as worn and rough surface, peeling off of the old surface, cracks, chips, scratches, stains and rust.

The thick layer also hides factory defects, and the bathtub gets not only perfectly flat surface, but also the perfect geometry. Glossy bright white color is only one of the color options for the bathtubs. The tint of the liquid acrylic can be chosen from a wide palette of special colors.

Bathtub enamel restoration is a single procedure, if you choose a liquid acrylic as the material for it. Enamel eventually cracks and turns yellow on steel and iron bathtubs. The same thing happens when the bathtub is enameled with epoxy composition, and self-leveling bathtubs permanently keep the original color and shine.

Strength and Durability

Updated acrylic bathtub is virtually immortal. Acrylic is characterized by high adhesion. It grasps so hard on the iron and steel, that it is almost impossible to damage it in the domestic environment. The material is shatterproof, resistant to abrasion, and is not afraid of falling iron objects.

There will be no chips, as is it will happen with iron bathtubs in such cases. Restoration of bathtub enamel with acrylic is the most acceptable option from the point of view of the various risks after the repair. If the surface has minor scratches, it is easily fixed to the original condition. There will be no marks left.


Hygiene and Usability

The layer of hardened acrylic on the surface has no pores, so it excludes the reproduction of bacteria, stubborn rust, deep penetration and accumulation of contaminants. This feature makes a bath cleaning easy and enjoyable. The surface can be cleaned by the sponge with the regular detergent.


It is a common fact that it is pleasant to relax in the filling bathtub. Every consumer who prefers this technology knows that. It looks like acrylic surface if specifically adapted to the human body. First, the restoration of bathtub enamel with acrylic guarantees injury prevention: non-slippery surface establishes firm contact with the body.

Even if you lose your balance, you do not fall. Second, the “filling bath” almost instantly warms up to the water temperature, so there is no uncomfortable sensation in contact with the surface. Does this restoration method have negative sides? All of the above characteristics the bathtub gets in case of the full and scrupulous observance of technology, regulated by the manufacturer of the material.

Primitive use and saving on acrylic are the main causes of non-compliance of the result with the high expectations of the consumer.