Black and White Bathroom Design: Elegant Simplicity

The combination of black and white colors is considered to be universal, but not many people get around using it in the interior. It is not surprising: once you go over the top with details, it will result in tawdriness.

Bathroom decor in a color palette like this is not a simple task, but still, it’s quite manageable. All it takes is following few simple rules.

Color Features

  • White is the color for all occasions. It looks appropriate in any room decor. But if one makes the cup run over, as for the number of white things, the room will look sterile, like a hospital ward. Will you feel cozy in it? Definitely not.
  • Black is more strict color, but it may never be called gloomy. Black balances white, so together these colors look elegant and non-provoking.

If you decide to make the bathroom colored black and white, nothing will help you to achieve an excellent result except for the sense of proportion. The elements of both colors should be approximately equal; otherwise, the surfeit of one color will lead to the disharmony.

Should Room’s Dimensions Be Taken into Account?

The answer is: yes, above all else. White color makes any room more spacious and fresh, while black fits much more to the wide, free spaces. If you are the owner of a small bathroom, make sure that there are more light shades.

Black elements can make a room look even more incommodious and narrower. That’s why the balance in design is of the first importance.

How to Choose the Major Furnishing Elements?

  • First of all, you should think about the fact that white is quite enough already — all the plumbing fixtures are made in this color, as a rule. Therefore, we recommend taking a closer look if not at the black decoration, then at least at black ornament options.
  • If you are not sure whether a strict combination of these two colors will cease to be attractive to you within couple of months, we recommend adding a few vivid accents of the third color – for example, red.
  • Do not forget about the basic principles of bathroom furniture choosing: it should be made of high-quality moisture resistant materials, tolerant to the constant temperature differences.
  • If you want to accentuate black color, you can risk: either the floor decorated with black tiles or the wholly black-tiled wall will help to catch attention.

Should You Reach Out to a Designer?

In case you are not sure of your own skills, then definitely yes. A competent specialist, who has been dealing with interior design for many years, will be able to decorate your bathroom in such a way that it will become a genuine piece of art.