Cast iron bathtub: features, operation issues, restoration

First thing you should consider when choosing a new bathtub is the type of material you would like it to be made of. The leading material actively offered by today’s market due to its technical characteristics majority is cast iron – tested product noted for its durability and reliability qualities.

If you haven’t had a chance to get some information on the main advantages of choosing cast iron bathtub yet, it would be just perfect timing to do some research right now – and that will most likely help you make the right choice.

So what are those specific characteristics making cast iron bathtub the best choice for some customers?

  • Great thermal conductivity of your cast iron bathtub will keep you sure the water in it will stay warm for a long time.
  • Cast iron is a very solid material, exceptionally resistant to mechanical impact of any contiguous or falling objects.
  • Cast iron bathtub will not bend or change its shape with the time. Being exposed to external effects, it will not sag or change its position in any way.
  • Cast iron bathtubs are very easy to clean. Correctly chosen cleaning substances/devices will save you from any cleaning related problems. Cast iron non-porous surface prevents dirt from clogging in; moreover, it never exfoliates or cracks.
  • Such bathtubs are known for their good sound insulation. It can be extremely annoying sometimes to listen to a noisy running water sound when you just turn on the tap. And that would never happen to you if you have a cast iron bathtub hiding all this noise.

Are there any difficulties with cast iron bathtubs at all?

Yes, there could be once in a while. First of all, you should consider that cast iron bathtubs are usually bulky, so you won’t be able to make any rearrangements without hiring a specialist. Delivery can also be somewhat difficult.

Regarding damages, it is possible to damage cast iron bathtub enamel in some cases, however, it’s reinforced with an anti-corrosion coating. Sometimes cast iron bathtub can even start rusting. And there is nothing better but get help of a professional company specializing in bathtub repairs.

How to deal with damaged enamel?

Majority of people think that if the damage is severe, the only way out is to get a new bathtub. However, cast iron products are way more expensive than any others, and there is a possibility that this decision won’t match your budget. Most of the times surfaces with large scratches and chips can still be restored – all you need to do is to contact a trusted company.

Miami Bathtubs uses ultramodern technologies, professional resources and repeatedly tested methods. We will restore the enamel even if you think it’s not doable. Just call us to check and see how we make it happen!