Important technical characteristics of tile. Part 2

We’ve already talked about some factors that should be considered when selecting tiles for bathrooms and kitchens, and there is even more. By knowing and understanding these important characteristics of a tile, you will be able to choose the most suitable option.

Before we talked about the following characteristics:

  • abrasion resistance;
  • resistance to loads;
  • resistance to temperature changes and humidity;
  • resistance to household chemicals.


Slip Resistance

This is one of the most important technical characteristics of any tile. It should be considered first, especially when choosing a floor tile. The reason is simple – the better slip resistance of a tile, the safer it is. Surely you’ve heard about slip and fall accidents. For example, we often hear about people who slip and fall in bathrooms and sustain serious injuries. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to avoid when your chosen tile is too slippery.


Method of painting

When choosing a tile, pay attention to how it was painted. There are two quite different methods:

  • in glazed painting, the color is painted upon the surface of the clay and then fired in an oven at high temperature. When properly installed, such tile will last for many years, however, you should remember that it’s very fragile;
  • getting the color in the clay – is the process in which clay is mixed with paint before firing. It is stronger than glazed tile, however, it’s more expensive.



Before, when buying a tile it was possible at any time to request a certificate confirming the high quality of tile. However, let’s not forget that certification is not required in every country.

What should you do in this situation? Follow the market leaders, who from year to year produce high-quality tiles for kitchens and bathrooms. Pay attention to reviews on social media as wells as those shared by friends. Ask people who have recently done repairs, what brand they have chosen and why.


Flat surfacea

If you purchased a tile without looking at it but choosing it according to the displayed model, you can soon find out that not all tiles in the box are exact. To make sure that you are buying a really good product, we advise you to get two tiles out of the box and put them on top of each other. If the edges of tiles coincide, then the whole batch has exact tiles and you can safely buy it.