Choosing a shower booth. Part I

We recommend installing both a bath and a shower booth if your bathroom size allows you to do so. A shower booth is a great option for those who prefer not to stay in the water for a long time, but start their mornings with a contrast shower and do same thing at end of the day. Baths are good for relaxation whereas showers are good for refreshing.

You’ll be able to find dozens of shower booths in specialized stores, and this will complicate your purchase decision significantly. What are the features of the ideal model and what things you should pay your attention to when shopping? Let’s get into details.

Things to consider before buying a shower booth:

  • Your bathroom dimensions: you might want to install a home mini-sauna but this is not always doable because it may just not fit in.
  • The actual purpose of your shower booth: one model can only be used for a quick wake-up refreshing before going to work, and a completely different model can only be used for evening relaxation and hydromassage.

Tub material and shape

All shower booths are divided into 2 models: with or without a tub. It’s good to remember that if you choose the second option, then you’ll need to install a special high-quality waterproof floor with a good drain system inside your shower booth. It’s not something you can do on your own.

It’s recommended to get a shower booth with a tub if you live with children and physically dependent elderly people who need help with bathing. The tub can look like a low-sided bath.

Pay attention to the material the tub is made of. They are usually made of the materials below:

  • cast iron- a durable material, but it takes time to warm it up;
  • steel – a great material, but can be noisy when you use the tub;
  • acrylic – a stylish material, light and easy to use;
  • faience – looks elegant, but solid;
  • artificial marble – pretty expensive, but worth it.

When it comes to shapes, it’s good to keep in mind that rounded tubs look more stylish and they are space-saving, but classic models either come in shape of a square or a rectangle.

Distinguishing door types by opening

It’s recommended to choose your shower doors taking into consideration your bathroom design and the parameters of the available space. If you are the owner of a small bathroom, you probably understand that installing a shower booth with classic swing doors is unreasonable because it’ll take a lot of space.

Doors can be:

  • swing or swivel;
  • sliding;
  • “book-like” folding.

Consider which option will be more convenient for you.

Some other criteria that will help you quickly choose and decide on a purchase of a suitable shower booth model will be discussed in our next article.