Choosing a shower booth. Part II

In the previous article we discussed two criteria you can use when choosing a shower booth. However, there are some more.

When choosing a suitable shower booth, you should first take into consideration your bathroom parameters, then the funds that you are ready to use for this big purchase, and, of course, the style you would like to keep while creating your interior design.

In addition to the above, you should keep in mind some other nuances. Let’s get into the details.

Open or closed shower booth

  • The choice of the booth type mostly depends on the size of your room – the closed type is more suitable for spacious rooms.
  • Open booths imply small construction design and ease of installation, therefore, they are respectively cheaper than the closed ones.
  • If your bathroom doesn’t have a good waterproofing, it’s reasonable to pay more and get a closed type as it’s perfectly waterproofed by itself.
  • Focus on what additional functionality you need – for instance, a mini-sauna can only be installed in a closed booth.

Additional functions

A standard shower booth includes walls and doors (you decide if you want to have transparent ones or not) and a watering can on the hose. Modern manufacturers, however, have no fantasy boundaries, especially when it comes to closed shower booths. Backlight, heated tubs, massage nozzles, sprinklers, fans … There are multiple functions to add depending on your personal needs.

Think about how exactly you want to use your shower booth, because models with additional functions are always way more expensive. If you only need to refresh yourself in the morning and cool off in the evening, a shower booth with some basic configuration will work just fine for you, overpaying doesn’t make any sense. But if you want to install a compact home mini-sauna with a massage function for you to enjoy, then it makes sense to look for a more complex model.

You should also consider the water quality: it’s better not to have sprinklers if it’s hard as small holes will get instantly clogged and regular cleaning will be required.

What to do next after making a choice?

The next step is obviously hiring a proven company for your shower booth installation. Miami Bathtubs will quickly and easily install your new shower booth making you free of all related problems. All you need to do is call us and schedule a suitable day.