Choosing and Buying Bathroom Appliances. Part I.

Buying new bathroom appliances that can serve for more than a decade is one of the main components of any major renovation project. Usually this concept includes a bathtub and/or shower cabin, sink, toilet.

You can follow one of the three available options if you wish to choose bathroom appliances wisely:

  • Purchase bathroom appliances after renovation works completed
  • Seek assistance from design studio, where experts can help you find
  • Create your own design project and request only installation.

Each option is your personal choice and we will describe each separately.

Purchase bathroom appliances after renovation works completed

If you are planning to opt purchasing bathroom appliances after renovation works completed, you need to keep in mind few important points. Remember, all elements of the interior must combine each other. It will be quite disappointing to find out that very expensive designer sink that you purchased does not match your bathroom. Also always remember to choose and purchase high-quality bathroom appliances. This is not a piece of furniture that can be easily replaced – it is better to pay more than expected for sink, tub and toilet in order to be sure of their useful life. Research current market. You can purchase low cost bathroom appliances from well-known manufacturers – if manufacturer have many years of excellent reputation, they will never put their reputation in jeopardy. Please also do not forget that it is very common to find out that purchased bathroom appliances do not fit the configuration after renovation works completed.

How to avoid it?

  • Before you buy all the necessary bathroom appliances, make sure that all measurements are accurate. If you are not sure about measurements – contact specialist.
  • Always consider bathroom layout features. If bathroom is atypical, it is better to seek assistance from consultants instead of choosing bathroom appliances on your own – most probably you will find out that there is not enough space in your bathroom for purchased appliances.

Generally speaking, this method cannot be called the cost-saving as you might spend a lot more money than planned at the beginning. To avoid this, you can always use advice of Miami Bathtubs experts – as we are professionals in bathroom appliances.

We will discuss advantages and disadvantages of other options in next part.