Choosing hydro-massage bathtub with additional functions

We spoke about bathtubs with hydro-massage function before – often these are Jacuzzis. However not everyone is aware that these types of tubs have other functions as well, which can increase level of comfort and make traditional procedures more diverse and unusual.

Let`s talk about underwater types of massages – everyone knows about hydro-massage; however, this is not the only type of available massage.

Below are some types of massages:

  • Hydro-massage – is the most popular type, which cannot stay unspoken. It contributes to the normalization of metabolism, tones up the skin making skin more elastic and smoother. As well as helping against the fight with cellulite
  • Aero-massage – aimed at relaxation and rejuvenation of the skin, relaxing muscles and saturate the skin with oxygen
  • Composite – the organic combination of two previous types, distinguished by a deeper impact on entire body. It has a deep therapeutic effect, helps to get rid of mineral salts in the joints, fat on the sides, hips and abdomen

Good Massage Bathtub – is not including opportunity to have certain type of massage, but also has some other additional functions. Let’s discuss further.


Chromo-therapy System – is underwater backlight system, which is using low-profile lamps while bathing. Certain colors affect mood, help to relax or refresh. Most of the models allow to change backlight manually or set it up the way where lights will smoothly change colors.

Water Heating

If you are used to bathing in a bath with foam or salt for a long time, most probably, you know about the main result of such bathing – eventually water will cool down. Hydro-massage bathtubs from famous manufacturers can be equipped with water heating function, thus you can bath longer and never be uncomfortable because water is cooling down.

Automatic draining and refilling of water

Several models are set the way where water drains automatically after certain time, so you can refill the tub. This is right, as water should be refilled approximately every 20 minutes, however many people forget about this. Bathtub with automatic draining option will work better than any reminder.

Can such bathtub be self-installed?

Such bathtub differs from usual tub by complicated basic set, thus we do not recommend self-installation. Furthermore, person without respective knowledge can make mistake and installation will need to be completely re-done. You can spend a lot of time and might damage some parts during self-installation.

Installation of Hydro-massage bathtub should be requested from specialists. We, here at Miami Bathtubs have a lot of experience in bathtubs installation. We can mount any model easily and quickly, so you can enjoy bathing very soon. Call us at any time!