Choosing the Paint for Bathroom. Part 2

In the previous article we talked about the most popular compositions that are used to cover the walls of the bathroom. However, there are other options – not so well-known, but perfectly suitable for a room with high humidity.

If for some reason, the options described by us in the previous article are not suitable for you, we advise you looking at the following paints: perhaps, among them, there is the one with characteristics that meet all your requirements.

Silicone paints

Stable compositions on a silicate and silicone base are still relatively new to the market compared to other paints. However, this material has already become popular with specialists for the following reasons:

  • silicone coating better than others protects the walls from water, not absorbing it;
  • this paint has steam-proof properties, and every single bathroom gets steamy;
  • due to a special composition, it hides even deep cracks and potholes.

Do not use paint based on polyvinyl-acetate adhesive (white glue). It is suitable only for dry premises, and in the bathroom, you can paint only the ceiling. In other respects, such compositions do not have any drawbacks, except for a rather high cost.

Chlorinated rubber paints

This type of paint is considered to be the most reliable and durable. There is an opinion that it can easily replace both mosaic and tile, and due to its valuable properties, such paint does not need maintenance for a long time.

What is good about these paint:

  • it maintains a constant contact with water, protects the surface and does not lose the original appearance;
  • it tolerates exposure to direct sunlight well;
  • it does not contain toxic and harmful components – but, nevertheless, they are not recommended to paint containers for drinking water.

The main difficulty that can arise in the course of work with this paint is that it can be applied only to a prepared metal or cement surface.

Alkyd Enamels

It is another good option for painting the walls of the bathroom. During the application, it forms strong water-resistant coating. This is not the only advantage of alkyd enamels,  there are other advantages:

  • when exposed to sunlight, they do not burn out;
  • the coating does not lose its original appearance for a long time;
  • they protect metal products from corrosion;
  • quickly dry out.

Among the cons we can name a sharp unpleasant odor, as well as the need to carefully prime the wall, before proceeding with painting. Surface must be covered with a primer, and only then – with several layers of enamel.

Where to order walls’ painting?

If you do not intend to do it yourself, Miami Bathtubs will be happy to help you. Our experts will advise you and offer several suitable options from which you yourself can choose the perfect one.

Give your bathroom a second life!