Choosing a Coating for Your Kitchen Floor

Kitchen floor is subject to an endless testing. It’s tested by grease splashes, spilled soda and other hot and cold liquids, dirt and mechanical impact like hits, scratches, friction, etc. First of all, your floor should be wearproof and easy to clean and care for. Let’s review several types of kitchen floor coating.

Parquet and Laminate

These materials look nice and familiar. However, they should have a moisture-resistant coating, otherwise they won’t last long. Laminate is a comparably inexpensive material, therefore, if you don’t mind having frequent repairs and interior changes, it can be the best option for you. However, if you are all about cleanliness and environmental friendliness, this material won’t fit your needs. Laminate is a synthetic material sensitive to the coloring substances of the products.

Parquet is more expensive than laminate as it’s made of finished wood, which serves longer, but also doesn’t tolerate humidity.

Ceramic Tile and Stone

Ceramic tile is a great material to create unique kitchen designs. It’s practical, hygienic and safe. Ceramic tile is echo-friendly, resistant to ultra-violet rays and chemical detergents. It’s easy to partially replace it. However, the installation process takes long, floors feel cold enough to walk on and most of the times underfloor heating system needs to be installed as well.

Natural stone is a luxurious, convenient, solid and wear-resistant material. However, it requires strong overlapping due to its heavy weight and a heating system installation is needed for living in a full comfort.

Self-leveling Floor

Self-leveling floor is a screed of two main types: fast-hardening screed base and finishing coat. This floor levels itself creating a perfectly flat horizontal surface.

Special polymeric coating varies in types:

  • methyl methacrylate;
  • epoxy;
  • cement-acrylic;
  • polyurethane.

Self-leveling floor has many advantages: it’s waterproof, solid and wear-resistant. It has a seamless surface, which is very important as it’s much easier to keep the kitchen clean. The floor doesn’t emit harmful substances, it’s completely safe health-wise. It’s fireproof and quickly installed since its base doesn’t have to be leveled.

This floor gives you a chance to choose between multiple design options – from monochrome to the ones with 3D prints. You can choose a stone or any other surface imitation or make it glossy or matte. Self-leveling floor has a long service life and will perfectly fit into any interior.

Miamibathtubs offers professional self-leveling floor installation services and knows all the subtleties of the process. Call and order a modern floor matching your needs!