Combined Bathroom: Pros and Cons

If you are the owner of a spacious bathroom, then for sure you can afford the installation of a combined bath. This is a structure that looks like a usual bathtub, surrounded by glass walls, in other words, combined with a shower.

Such model can have different names. A shower box, a bath with a shower cabin are among them. But all of them mean the same. This is not only convenient, but also very stylish.

In this case, the variability is especially valuable. You can order both transparent and opaque glass, as well as any shower rack. It can be either the simplest, or equipped with a lot of functions. It all depends on your wallet.

Pros of combined bath

  • You will save space. When the bathtub and the shower cabin stand at the opposite walls of the room, they take up much more space. Due to the combined model, something else will fit into the room.
  • This plumbing looks very elegant and exquisite. If you are a fan of minimalism – this option is for you.
  • You can always choose a model with many additional functions: Charcot’s shower, massage nozzles.
  • Such sets are usually manufactured by famous, trusted companies, so you will definitely get a quality product.

Cons of combined bath

  • If you are going to do this installation yourself, rather than contacting specialists, we do not recommend doing this because its installation takes much more time and effort than it seems at first glance. In the process, you can break some detail, and then you will have to order another part.
  • Not a very good choice of options in comparison with separated bathrooms and shower cabins. If you are used to a huge variety of options, you are unlikely to like it.
  • The combined model is significantly more expensive than a simple bath or an ordinary shower cabin. This bathroom equipment is for those who are willing to invest in the renovation of a large bathroom.

How to prepare yourself for such a large-scale purchase?

If you are sure that you should buy combined bath, first of all order the dismantling of the old bathtub to make room for a new one. This is also better to entrust the pros, because in the process you can damage the tiles on the walls and the floor.

Find a company that will install the bath. Miami Bathtubs is ready to offer their services to everyone: our employees quickly dismantle the old plumbing equipment and replace it with a new one. Just call us at any convenient time, and we can agree on a suitable date. We are waiting for you!

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