Corner shower cabins: pros and cons

The so-called «corner shower cabin» is the most popular one among all types of shower cabins. It is a construction that is located in the corner of the bathroom. Its installation allows you saving a lot of space because the rear walls of the bathroom are also the cabin walls.

However, it has both advantages and disadvantages, so before buying such a cabin you need to weigh all pros and cons thoroughly. It can become a real salvation for some people if the small size of their bathroom does not allow installing a large bathtub; but sometimes it can bring a lot of trouble.


Pros of corner shower cabin

  • The design of the construction itself is a very convenient, cost-effective and easy solution. It consists of a tray and two door leaves. The rear walls are, of course, not necessary because this cabin is built right into the corner of the bathroom. Since the bathroom walls are monolithic, a cabin is safe from damages — of course, if you handle the door leaves carefully.
  • The glass panels which serve as a door of the cabin, look stylish and concisely. Such simple designs easily fit any interior, regardless of what style and color of the apartment an owner prefers.
  • Design of the corner shower cabin at the same time can be easily changed. For example, you can choose bright colored stained glass instead of neutral matted glass. Despite its simplicity, shower cabin allows a designer to give free rein to imagination.
  • Due to the fact that the cabin is limited by the bathroom walls, it is easy to assemble as well as install it. It has not so many constituent elements, and if necessary you can move the cabin to the other side even without the help of professionals.
  • This cabin is ideal for families with children and animals. If you need to bathe a baby or a pet, you can purchase a deep tray in case the shower cabin is only a place to have a bath and there is no bathtub in the house.


Cons of corner shower cabin

  • Shower room should always be kept in perfect condition because spots, stains and streaks remain on the glass doors after each bathing. Also, we do not suggest dropping anything on a tray, if it is made of a material that can crack. Small cracks, roughness and stains in no time will destroy a stylish minimalistic design.
  • If you have selected a rectangular tray for your shower area, protruding sharp edges will quickly begin to irritate you. In addition, those who move through the apartment quickly and carelessly can hit a corner.
  • Due to the lack of relevant experience, you can choose a bad shower tray — too small and uncomfortable. If you are a person of a decent size, such purchase will transform each bathing in a pastime delivering serious discomfort.

There are also some subjective disadvantages. For example, a person who likes to spend a few hours soaking in the bath after a working day will hardly appreciate minimalistic shower cabin. Therefore, think about whether you consider such a solution convenient or not and only then go to choose the corner shower cabin you like.