Corner shower enclosure: size, shape, trays

We have already written about the advantages and disadvantages of the shower enclosure, called corner cabin. However, it is not everything you need to know before buying it. It makes sense to figure out what shape and size are the most suitable for your bathroom as well as that what kind of material of the shower bath tray is to order.


Size of corner shower enclosure

Let’s start with the size of the cabin. In fact, the sizes are not very different: there are several commerсial sizes that are popular, and the custom made shower cabin is a rare case.

Most often the following shower cabins are selected:

  • semicircular area;
  • rectangular area with shower tray;
  • more spacious models to overweight people.


Shape of corner shower enclosure

If you google «design of a shower cabin», a search engine will give you many photographs of rectangular options. In fact, there are more of them, and some look much better than the models with right angles.

You can buy:

  • semicircular cabin, a quarter of a circle or curved – for those who prefer smooth shape;
    square or rectangular cabin – for lovers of clear lines;
  • polygonal or asymmetric cabin – for those who prefer unusual design.


Trays for corner shower cabins

There is a variety of materials: from ceramics to metal to make a tray, which is a shower base. Before buying shower cabin, you need to see how the trays are different from each other.

Let us tell more about the main types:

  • acrylic tray looks very aesthetically pleasing and stylish; also it can withstand any weight. But it has a major drawback: it absolutely fails, when it comes to mechanical influence. Even a pet that ran into the bathroom, can easily leave a scratch on the tray;
  • enameled tray made of cast iron is much safer but at the same time much heavier. To distribute its weight properly, it is set on the brickwork but not on the bare floor;
  • ceramic trays are resistant and safe from any small scratches. However, they can crack if you just drop a showerhead. So handle the tray very carefully. In addition, they are heated for a long time;
  • steel trays, covered with enamel, are not corrode, moreover they are distinguished by heavy duty. However, this tray does not absorb noise, so the bathing is not completely comfortable in it: water flows in the steel with the roar that stuns the user;
  • trays made of brick, mosaic, concrete and tiles are usually customized by hand and by order. They look stylish and fit the interior perfectly, but you will need to spend a lot of time to make such tray.