Decor of a Small Bathroom: Rules That Can Not Be Violated

We have already talked about the principles of designing a small bathroom. A miniature room can be also spacious if you follow a few simple rules and show imagination. If you know what nuances to consider, you can manage without the help of an experienced designer.

Keep Everything Outside

Most of the space is devoured by cabinets, especially if they are wide. We suggest easy solution for this problem: all that can be removed has to be put in a capacious box and go under the sink, and the rest can be placed outside.

Thus, the following items remain on the surfaces:

  • care products;
  • bathrobes and towels;
  • boxes for storage of cotton discs and ear sticks.

To make everything look aesthetically pleasing, you can purchase boxes and containers of the same style.


In order not to clutter up the space, buy only functional, useful things. There is no place for pretty objects that delight the eye, but are useless in nature, in the small bathroom. If there are only such trinkets on the shelves, we advise you to get rid of them ruthlessly.

Explore the market better and you will be surprised to find out how many truly functional beautiful things there are in the stores.

Thoughtful Color Scheme

It is very difficult to play with color in a small bathroom, but there is still an exit strategy: we recommend choosing a dominant neutral but saturated hue and then diluting it with a few bright accents. The combination of two, maximum three colors is the standard, and everything else is over the top. Do not overdo it.

If you are not sure that you pick the right colors, we recommend you to contact a professional designer.


We have already talked about accents, but it makes sense to mention again: the accents are really important especially if the room is small. Sometimes you go into the bathroom and feverishly think over where to turn. If you decorate it with bright accessories, first of all, the view will be attracted to them. Accents are something that makes the bathroom beautiful, stylish and unusual.