Demolition of mirrors: features of the demolition

Mirrors in a bathroom, as a rule, are distinguished by impressive parameters. They are often the size of entire wall. And if you were using professional services for their installation, you probably know how well it is fixed. You can’t just get rid of a mirror installed by a professional.

But what if you need an urgent demolition? There are some inevitable obstacles at this stage, especially if you need the mirror to be on the same level with tiles and some of the finishing have to be removed.

What are the reasons for demolition?

  • The mirror is damaged and it can’t be repaired. For example, it has a long deep crack along the entire length. In addition, in order to fix the mirror, you still need to remove it.
  • You have decided to update the design in the room, and the mirror does not match the new interior or you want to move it to a new place.
  • Part of the mirror is broken, and there is only a frame with fragments on the wall, but it’s still too hard to remove it.

Never try to remove the mirror by yourself. If you do not have any experience, it may lead to some accident. It is better to rely on a good construction and renovation company.

How to prepare everything for demolition?

We don’t recommend removing the mirror on your own. It’s safer to leave this job for specialists. Prepare everything before specialists begin. For example, if the mirror is above the sink, cover the sink, so that there are no scratches on it after the demolition.

Also, it is highly recommended to remove the shelf under the mirror, if any, and everything that is on it. We need an extremely clean and empty surface to start working.

What is not allowed to do by any means?

Do not break the mirror, so that you can remove only the frame then. You can find such advice in different options on the forums, but it is immensely dangerous. There is 100% probability that you can cut yourself, and the cut can be very serious.

The specialists always work with professional equipment, no one is using a hammer. Not only we can remove the mirror, but also save the expensive frame and decorative elements, if any.

How to order demolition?

Miami Bathtubs is waiting for you to order it at any convenient time. Just call us or order a call on the website. We will respond you immediately. We will come to you on a suitable day, remove the mirror quickly and without problems and, if necessary, install the tile in its place. Welcome to our company!