Different options to lay tiles in the bathroom

Connoisseurs of original interior design always want to add to the familiar elements something new and bold or at least one accent that will catch the eye and become a real decoration of the room. More and more designers prefer to lay tiles in unusual way – plain walls and even border, which is couple of shades darker, are boring.

If you plan on remodeling your bathroom soon and want something extravagant, below information is what you are looking for.

Before we even talk about new ways of tiles` laying, we wish to share few useful tips with you; they will help to make the ceilings visually higher, and the room itself – wider.

Visually expanding bathroom area

In order to get this type of effect, it is enough to follow few very simple rules:

  • choosing a color, it is very important to focus on cold colors, such as gray, silver and blue. It is better to pick small sized tile
  • the best suitable shape in this case is rectangular
  • purchase tiles with crossing ornaments

Making ceilings higher

There is an opinion that this is possible only if mirror panels are installed on the ceiling, but this is not true – it is enough to take into consideration few important points:

  • pick rectangular shaped tile and lay it upright
  • decorative image inserts also to be installed upright along the height of the walls
  • corners should have different color finish

Laying Tiles

There are several alternative ways to lay tiles – you choose whichever suits your bathroom.

Pattern Laying– two types of tiles are used here; plain and with pattern. As the rule, the ornament is laid out either on the floor center or on parallel sections of the walls. This option is for spacious bathrooms, as it is almost not possible to lay out a large-scale and elegant ornament in a small sized bathroom.

Patchwork Laying– this is laying multicolored tiles with different ornaments on the floor and on the walls. Of course, you should not be remodeling whole bathroom this way as it will start bothering you very soon. We advise that you use this way to decorate only one wall or floor area.

Honeycomb Laying– mounting a hexagon tile, which has been one of the most popular for several seasons. Tile shaped in this form looks bright and fresh. In addition, besides choosing several different neutral shades, you also can purchase models with an unusual pattern.

Laying tiles that imitate wooden flooring– for those who dream of wooden floors in the bathroom, even though it is irrational. The tile imitating other covering – is a widespread look, and it is necessary to stack it in a form of a fir-tree, so that it reminds a natural tree.

Where to order Installation?

Of course, with us – at Miami Bathtubs! We specialize in the transformation of bathrooms and easily cope with tasks of any complexity. Leave your request at any convenient time!