Dismantling and removal of bathtub: things to consider

Plumbing is usually changed during any remodeling – which means that it will affect its largest elements such as bathtub and shower cabin. The most complicated procedure in this case is dismantling of bathtub. This seems to be almost impossible; however, bathtub dismantling is quite real – all you need is proper preparation.

Firstly, answer the main question – are you ready to do it yourself? If the answer is no – get assistance from professionals, who can dismantle and remove old bathtub faster than untrained person will.


What problems can be encountered?

  • Obviously, bathtub is heavy – so removing it by yourself is impossible. It would be better not to risk if you physically are not ready for such task, even with the help of family members;
  • You can damage other interior elements while dismantling the bathtub, so you will have to buy replacement and spend money again;
  • If you slip on the tile, it would be very difficult to cope with weight and most likely bathtub will fall on the floor. Most of tile types will not withstand the effect of such force. That is the reason why you should get assistance from specialists. Miami Bathtubs will quickly dismantle your bathtub at the fair price. This way you will save time and money. 

Preparing bathroom for specialists` arrival is quite easy.

What can homeowners do?

  • Free space from objects, remove all furniture, put bottles, face and body products inside the drawers;
  • Turn off the water;
  • Remove all plumbing items, if you are able to do so. If not – wait until specialists arrive and seek assistance from them;
  • Remove all decor elements. If you are not able to remove them – think about protective covers. It is very easy to accidentally damage anything during dismantling process;
  • Make sure that doorway is wide enough for bathtub removal;
  • Cover the floor either with thick cloth or rubber pad – you can easily scratch the floor, especially if you decided to remove bathtub by yourself.

With proper preparation bathtub dismantling will be quick and successful – just be sure to take in account all noted above.