Downsides of the Light Bathroom

There is an opinion that in the process of designing a bathroom it is necessary to choose only white color. In rare cases you can consider all shades of beige. Though, this is not so: the white bathroom is by far not the most suitable option now, and we are ready to prove the impracticality of this color.


Unsuitable Associations

Experience has shown that people usually answer the question about what is primarily associated with white walls as follows:

  • hospital ward;
  • administrative room;
  • laboratory.


It is not the best option if you consider that we are talking about the bathroom here, – a place that should be cozy and comfortable for every resident of the apartment. It is the place where a person can forget about everyday problems and relax. Will you be able to relax in hospital or laboratory?



The brighter the bathroom is, the more often you will, when looking at the details, feel that an urgent cleaning is required, – even a small spot is very noticeable. In addition, the space decorated in white does not leave room for imagination as everything is in sight.

As for the bathroom in a dark color scheme, it is a winning option. You can play with the space, or make it visually wider or narrower.


Psychological Discrepancy

Many people feel better being surrounded by deep dark shades, and bright light tones often cause discomfort. Perhaps in the bathroom where white color predominates, you simply will not be able to relieve tension.

The secret is simple: you need to design the bathroom in the color scheme that makes you feel extremely comfortable.


Boring and Monotone

Obviously, in most cases manufacturers produce white bathroom fixtures. If you design walls and floors in a similar style, as a result the bathroom will turn into a solid bright spot without a single bright accent. It looks boring, and requires constant cleaning, and it is not something that will stick in your memory. It is unlikely that you will like this violence of white.


Lack of Freedom of Creativity

If almost the entire bathroom is painted white, it’s almost impossible to match it with a complex, multi-faceted pattern tiles. We advise you to choose more universal options you can experiment with.