How to equip a small bathroom

It is easy and pleasant to work on the bathroom d?cor and interior if the room is large and spacious. You can install bathtub as well as shower cabin, add more accessories, or put washing machine in the corner. However, if the bathroom is small, problems with interior will occur.

In fact, it is quite easy to achieve an excellent result: just consider some details.

Shower cabin is better than the bathtub

If the bathroom has no space to turn around, it is better not to buy a bathtub, but to install a compact shower cabin. You should:

  • never buy a base model with a bulky tray, but order a little comfortable cabin that matches the size of the room;
  • better choose light and glass doors: they visually make the room more spacious.

Put the washing machine in a different place

In case, when it is simply impossible to find a place for the washing machine in the bathroom, we recommend taking a closer look at the other rooms. In many apartments, the washing machine is in the kitchen, next to a gas cooker.

It is also possible to put the washing machine in the hallway, but keep in mind that it also must be enough space there, so that it does not clutter up all the available space.

No bedside tables – only narrow high cabinets

Do you know where to place multiple shower gels, tonics and other body care products? Many people prefer cabinets or shelves, but this furniture is usually too wide for a small bathroom.

Ideal option is narrow cabinets from the floor almost to the ceiling: you can easily place the most necessary products on the small shelves, and due to its size, the lockers will not take up much space. We also suggest putting a small basket next to the shower, so that you have everything you may need at any time at arm’s length.

Choose the right lighting

If you want the bathroom to visually seem more spacious, it is necessary to abandon the bright overhead lights. The soft diffused light, the sources of which are located at the head level, is the best decision. It is especially important to adjust the brightness when you go to the bathroom sleepy, and the bright light can be a cause of eye discomfort.