Features of shower cabins with no tray

When choosing a shower cabin, most people draw their attention to the models with hydro massage, back lighting and other accessories. However, this is not always convenient, especially if the bathroom is small. In this case, tiny shower cabin without shower tray is more appropriate.

Why you should pay attention to the following models:

  • shower cabin without shower tray will fit even in the smallest room, and will not take the whole space;
  • if there are young children and the elderly in the family, they do not have to climb over the high boards;
  • You can experiment with the form and create the perfect shower cabin that will perfectly fit into the interior of the bathroom.

Features of shower cabins with no tray

The main difference of these shower cabins from ordinary ones is that the design phase will take more time and effort. Yes, they look stylish and elegant, but the first thing to think about is how to level the floor of the cabin with the rest of the space. Therefore, you need to work on such shower cabin as soon as you begin renovation of the bathroom.

Making no shower tray is a great opportunity to give vent to imagination. You can decorate the door of waterproof stickers, or make them opaque or transparent, and decorate the cabin walls with stone.

Also, such shower cabin is a good option to make a bathroom visually more spacious. To do this, you only need to make the cabin door transparent.

With regard to the cabin base, it can be anything: stone, pebbles and even mosaic. But when working with mosaics, we recommend make all the calculations so that the drain did not break pattern. Otherwise, it will not look nice and pleasing. Also, do not forget that the floor in the shower cabin should never be slippery: it is dangerous.

What should be considered mandatory?

Organization of water drainage. Due to the absence of the tray, it is mounted directly on the floor, so it is important to put the tiles evenly. It will be perfect to put it at a slight angle so that the water flows directly into the drainage and tiles have no puddles. If you are not sure about coping with the installation of the drain on your own, be sure to refer to the proven specialist.