Five reasons to choose a shower cabin over a bathtub

In the past few years, shower cabins have become a very popular alternative to bathtubs. They are minimalistic, easy to handle, they are very easy to clean – and most importantly, they do not take up much space. Are these not enough reasons to choose a shower cabin instead of the usual bathtub? – If not, there are other reasons as well. Some of them are obvious, and some of them cannot be noticed immediately.


This is the most well-known and common argument. Yes, if you are the owner of a small bathroom, the shower cabin will be an excellent replacement for the tub. You can buy an angular model – it takes up less space and fits easily into any interior.

Reliability and safety

Usually all modern shower cabin models are made of light, but at the same time durable plastic, which is also completely harmless from an environmental point of view. Trays are made from different materials. Each type of material has its own advantages and disadvantages, but definitely are harmless to human body. As for the glass, it is as durable as a car window and made via similar technology – even if you break the glass, you won’t get hurt.

Additional functions

Shower cabins today does not only include the frame, the tray and the shower itself, but they are often equipped with functions designed to make the morning and evening shower procedures more pleasant. For instance, if you are constantly experiencing severe stress at work, the best option is a shower with aromatherapy and hydro-massage. The most popular model is a shower with a radio or a player that allows you to connect your phone to it and listen to favorite music. So you can cheer up before work – or it is great way to relax when you get back home. Shower jets also have a calming effect, but sometimes it is not enough.

Opportunity to Strengthen/Boost Health

Some shower cabins are a real miracle of technology; they allow you to do color-therapy at home, or they can even please you with massage of different body parts. The first option is cheaper – it will be enough to get a model with a backlight of several colors, which can be changed to your liking. On the other hand, for the massage booth you will have to pay quite considerable amount.


From hundreds shower cabin models in the market it will be easy to choose one that fits perfectly into your bathroom and will be to your liking. The shower cabin can be closed, with a ceiling or without, with a tall or short tray, standard white or different color. All cabin models differ in cost.

If you have already picked a shower cabin and purchased it, all you left to do is request installation from experts! Miami Baths guarantees you fast and reliable installation regardless of cabin type. Call us at any convenient time!