Freestanding bathtub: advantages and disadvantages

You can install a freestanding bathtub, if your bathroom is spacious. This option is perfect for spacious spaces. Due to its elegant and stylish look spacious bathtub with decorative legs will beautify any room, especially if you think about which finish to choose. However, there is an opinion that it has same number of disadvantages as advantages and that there is no need to chase aesthetics here. Let`s discuss further.

Advantages of freestanding bathtub

  • You can place the bathtub at any zone in the bathroom during planning stage, just make sure that plumbing has access to chosen zone. This way you will be able to decorate bathroom as you want.
  • It is crucial for many people that bathtub can be accessed from each side, and in this case it is possible. Owners of spacious bathrooms can place bathtub in the center – and it looks quite cinematic.
  • Another advantage for those who appreciates aesthetic component is that decorative legs are hiding constructive elements of the bathtub.

Most probably listed advantages are not enough to purchase this model of bathtub without hesitation. Let`s discuss disadvantages as well.

Disadvantages of freestanding bathtub

  • The fact that it has legs implies exact greater load on the floors, therefore they must be very durable. Laminated flooring will not whitstand such an impact and spots will remain on it.
  • If while cleaning, bathtub is carelessly moved, communications which are not covered can be easily damaged.
  • Bathtub can accidentally be overturned, if the load on one side is exceeded, and sometimes even a slight margin is enough.
  • Since tub is not covered from any side, there is no possibility to insulate it further, which means that water will cool down quickly. Therefore, additional costs for people who love to indulge themselves in the bathtub for hours, as they will have to change water quite often.

This way you risk losing more than planning to get. Is purchasing this model worth of possible additional costs for plumbing and flooring repairs? Most probably not.

What if you wish to have this exact model?

First, request assistance from specialists, who will help in choosing the right model and do the math. Properly selected freestanding bathtub will be completely safe – just rely on professionals. Miami Bathtubs will assist with installation, and floor restoration, if necessary.