French Style Bathroom Decor

French style in the interior is the tastefulness, romance and sense of ease in itself. Thanks to it, the atmosphere of naturalness prevails in the room, and it appears to be more space there. That is the reason why this style is a good option for the bathroom decoration.

It is quite realistic to create a small love city look-alike in your own bathroom. All it takes is having in mind some of the important decor nuances.

Color Palette

The first step to be made in decorating bathroom in French style is deciding on the colors scheme. In this case keeping in mind one or two rules would be enough:

  • this style does not tolerate vivid saturated shades, the pastel palette would be suitable: all shades of beige, lavender, light pink and light blue;
  • combining several colors, choose not to experiment, this style is intended for those who give preference to the classic;
  • if you want to add some bright accents, take a closer look at the tones with metallic luster. Golden, bronze, silver colors are the ideal options.


Finishing Materials

The selection of finishing materials that do not violate the basic principles of the French style seems to be a little more difficult than choosing the appropriate colors. At least because not everyone will find these materials budget-friendly — and, if you plan to save money on the repair, this style will definitely not fit the bill.

An expensive floor is the dominant attribute of the French style. It may be not rich in ornament, but there is no point to save money on it. The marble or any other stone would be a great option. Of course, you may decorate the floor with the tiles.

As for the walls, they can simply be painted in some light shade — and, like in the case of the floor, you can give the preference to the tile. If you choose the second one, make sure that there is no crudely fashioned ornament on the tile: it will not fit the big picture and as a result of that it will be found out that the room looks completely different from your plan.

And do not forget about an important element that must be present in a room furnished in the French style — an antique wood. A pair of art panels on the walls would look elegant and yet unobtrusively.

Plumbing Fixtures and Furniture

While it is better not to experiment with everything related to the color palette and finishing materials, the selection of plumbing fixtures and furniture is the cause for letting your imagination run free. Even the simplest details, like the sink, may be of unexpected shapes, and there is no need to mention the bathtub itself — if the room dimensions allow, and you’ve been longing for installing a giant shell instead of the usual model, this is your chance.

Perhaps you are not sure of your choice. Then we recommend you visiting a specialized store and seek the store assistants’ detailed advice. You can also take the help of a designer.