How Often Do You Need to Renovate the Bathroom?

Specialists of Miami Bathtubs know for sure: most often we think about repairing the bathroom only in the event when something has already failed. There is another reason: the plumbing works perfectly, but the finishing needs much to be redone. A design may also become outdated, but few people pay attention to it.

However, the necessary minimum of work must be performed not only at a time when something needs replacing, but also as a part of the plan.

How often do I need to repair the bathroom?

Practice shows that an acceptable period is every twenty years. Most often during this time, the owners of the house change, and the new owners rarely like the old environment.

If you do not need a complete renovation, be guided by the service life of the various parts of the bathroom. In any case, by changing individual items, you will gradually update the room completely – but separate transformations will be more money wise option than a complete rework.

How long do basic bathroom items last?

  • Cast-iron bath – 45 years with proper use. This implies that you use special cleaning agents, and regularly maintain and clean the bathtub.
  • Steel bath – 30 years.
  • Pipes – up to 45 years, if you regularly check their condition, and if there are problems, contact the specialists in a timely manner.
  • Steel water pipes – 15 years, taking into account the same conditions as in the previous paragraph.
  • Galvanized pipes – 30 years.
  • Drain and overflow system – 15 years.

Is it possible to replace a part instead of whole without problems?

Difficult question. Many people do not just prefer to do complete renovation at once. The reason is that some elements can be replaced rather simply, but others are more difficult to replace. For example, if you are going to replace sewage pipes, this will entail a few problems:

  • First you have to dismantle the bathtub;
  • When dismantling the bathtub, several rows of tiles, which are fixed to its edge, will fly off;
  • There is a high probability that in the process of replacing you will damage something else due to lack of experience.

We recommend not to plan the repair yourself, especially if you want to completely remodel the bathroom. In this case it is better to contact professionals who will quickly replace damaged items, put the room in order and make it stylish and bright. Miami Bathtubs specialists are always ready to help you. For more information on the range of services provided, please visit our official website –