How to Add a Splash of Color to a Bathroom without Changing Design

For years it was believed that the white color is the only one that is relevant in the design of the bathroom. Sometimes, in the rare cases, shades of beige or soft pink, were added to the white color. However, now, when the imagination of designers goes beyond all known limits, one should not cling to this sterility: your bathroom can and should look like you want it to, and not the way it is supposedly done.

If you think that there is a lack of color in the room, it’s time to add it! This may be done even without changing design, so there is no need in the repair – only in the small changes.

Colored bathroom fixtures

At the present time not only the white sinks, bathtubs and toilets can be found at the specialized stores but also the models of other colors. They may become an excellent interior decoration, and here are the reasons why:

  • a soft blue or green sink does not look as boring and common as the white one, and will become a bright accent, especially in combination with the details in a similar color range;
  • if you’ve purchased a colored bathtub and decided to leave everything else in white, it would not only attract attention, but also make a soothing effect. It has been proved that calm, subtle shades are relaxing;
  • and if you are one of those who prefers everything to be within reasonable limits, some of the plumbing fixtures can be in color, and some – pure white. For example, it can be a white toilet, but a dusty pink bidet. In such way you will definitely achieve a good result.

Ornamented ceramics

Perhaps you still intend to remain the plumbing fixtures white. Then there is another option: you can buy a model with the elegant, bright or bizarre ornament. For example, a sink decorated with a thin floral pattern will look great in the country style bathroom, and a bathtub with a clear geometry pattern on the contour will fit in the hi-tech room.

The advantage of such design is in the color dosage. If one can go over the top with the colorful plumbing fixtures, it is unlikely in case of the modest pattern.

Colored plumbing ware

A shower head and a mixer tap are rightfully considered to be the most boring elements of a bathroom: they seem to be impossible to do anything with at all. In fact, this is absolutely wrong – there are many color models that will make the bathroom brighter and more original.

Which should be chosen? Everything depends merely on your budget. Among the available options, there are low cost models made of the colored plastic, and expensive made of the so-called “rose gold”.

Black and white chic

If you are a minimalist, then you can add the black color to the white. This is a win-win combination of colors that looks good at all times. The black and white bathroom is the top of graciousness, elegance and, in addition, simplicity.

Whatever you finally choose, we encourage you to rely only on your own taste, and, if necessary, consult an experienced interior designer. Our company employs a qualified expert who is ready to provide consultation at any convenient time. Please call us!