How to choose a bathtub

There are two types of people according to their preferences of how to take a bath. Some are fans of soaking themselves in a bathtub for a couple of hours, while others prefer quick refreshing shower. However, in order to make an everyday bathing comfortable, one should make a right choice for the shower cabin as well as for the bathtub.


Criteria for selecting a bathtub

  • Apartment owners’ physical look and body height. It would be absolutely bad idea to buy a tiny bath, if all your family members are tall and broad-shouldered. You just won’t be able to plunge into water entirely.
  • Shape and depth of the bathtub are of great importance. For example, if a family has kids and elderly members, a shallow tub will be more preferable for them, so that they will be able to take a bath without assistance.
  • Make sure that the bathtub is environmentally safe, resistant to the mechanical damage and durable. It is important that water won’t affect the tub’s characteristics for the worse.
  • Make sure that the bathtub you are going to buy complies with requirements on water supply and drainage of the building.
  • The kit should include all the necessary connectors needed to ease your bathtub installation.
  • You need to be safe while taking a bath. The bottom of the bathtub should be covered with an anti slip coating. As a rule it is made with rubber inclusions or quartz chips.
  • There shouldn’t be any chips, cracks or roughness on the surface of the tub. It should be smooth. If you notice anything of the above mentioned, it means that this bathtub is defective and you should replace it.


How to choose the perfect shape of the bathtub

Rectangular bathtub is the most popular option. A bathtub of this shape could be easily placed at the wall or in the corner, which would definitely save some space. If you are not satisfied with a basic model, you can look for options with additional accessories for your comfort.


Corner bathtub is the best choice when your space is limited. It does not take up much space, because of its asymmetrical design. Equilateral bathtubs look so much more cumbersome.


Oval bathtub is a stylish and elegant solution for modern interiors. However, you should buy it only if you have enough room for it, because, as a rule it is oversized. Oval bathtubs usually come with Jacuzzi already installed.


Round bathtub is an option for a wide and spacious room. It could be installed not at the wall, but in the middle of the room and it is perfect to accommodate several people. It is ideal for Jacuzzi.