How to choose a sink for your kitchen

Sink is a working center of the kitchen. The comfort of the sink influences the mood of the owners when they will be cooking or doing dishes. These processes should take place in comfortable conditions.

It takes a lot of time to choose a sink, especially when you do it the first time. First, you need to know that several models are in demand most of all. They are:

  • Stainless steel sinks. They are the most durable, corrosion resistant and shiny because chromium and nickel are added to stainless steel. However, if you do not like shining surface, you can select an option with a glossy one. It is believed that such sinks make a lot of noise, but in fact they do not. You can simply order a model with a high-quality sound absorber of soft tissue;



  • Composite stone sinks are eco-friendly, comfortable and beautiful. To create them they use the agglomerate as well as acrylic resins. The first option is for those who want to buy a sink which is easy to take care of, and the second one is for the owners who are ready to take care of whimsical surfaces that require special detergents;



  • Ceramic sinks are the most neat and elegant sinks. They are characterized by high temperature, damage and chemical resistance. However, it is advised not to drop anything onto it. Strong hitting on the surface can cause fractures.



What are the criteria to choose a sink?

First of all, pay attention to its spaciousness. If there are more than three people in a family, then buying a small compact sink is unwise because the dishes simply will not fit in and you will have to pile them up on all surfaces nearby.

Then, take a closer look at the size of the room. In a small kitchen, where two people can hardly stand next to each other, very big sink will look ridiculous and out of place. Also, it will take a lot of free space, which is also unpleasant. The same point applies to the size of a sink. Most often the best option is one and a half or two sink bowls.

Particular attention should be paid to the form of a sink. The sinks can be triangular, rectangular, round, oval and angular. The latest fits into the narrow room because it does not require additional space, and the round sink is the most capacious.

Also, a depth of the sink matters. For example, if it is too small, the water spray will scatter all over the work surface, and wiping it out is extra work and a waste of time.

Do not ignore the style of your kitchen. If it is minimalistic, in light colors, with lots of appliances, then a stainless steel sink is what you need. As for a stone sink, it will look good in a classic style kitchen.

These simple and clear criteria are quite enough for you to make the right choice.