How to Choose a Soap Box: Useful Tips

It is of importance to pay attention to the accessories (even if they are ultra small and supposedly insignificant) while decorating the bathroom. First of all, you should buy an elegant and stylish soap box. This thing comes in handle in any bathroom: we wash our hands every time after returning back home from outdoors and before having a meal.

If you have no idea on how to choose an appropriate soap box, check out the following interior designers’ tips.

Tip one. The Style above All Things

While choosing the accessories, the room’s decorating style should be taken into account and the soap-box is no exception. Keep in mind the framework concept while shopping. Even the one disharmonizing detail strikes one’s eye immediately.

  • If the hi-tech style is after your heart, you may decide on minimalistic metal products.
  • The soap boxes of all shades of blue or models made in the form of seashells, sea stars or bright tropical fish perfectly fit in the bathroom decorated in a marine style.
  • In case you like the Provence style you should pay attention to the archaicized soap boxes. Metal, wood or porcelain, – choose the material of your own preference.
  • And if you prefer the classic style, the openwork beige or light pink soap box will fit into the bathroom.

Tip Two. Soap Box or Dispenser?

It’s all obvious: if you use the liquid soap more frequently, then buy the dispenser; if you prefer the bar soap – choose the soap box. A number of people favor both options: for example, the bottle with the liquid soap may stand closer to the bathtub, and the fragrant soap bar may be placed on the shelf near the sink.

If there is a space in your bathroom for both of these accessories, do not nickel and dime – take both of them, but ensure they are of the same style.

Tip Three. Choosing the Right Size

The soap box’s dimension should be definitely taken into account. And it’s not only about the free space in your bathroom. The parameters of any accessory should be such as fitting into the big picture, looking seamlessly and appropriately.

Otherwise, even the most stylish soap box will look ridiculous – for example, if you are trying to place a massive model on the ledge of a miniature sink. Some people like large dispensers in the form of bottles of expensive alcohol, but they are suitable only for the spacious rooms. The same is also true of the other things.

In the event that you are not sure of the choice, consult the seller in a specialized store – and he will certainly help you find the right soap box.

In case you are not sure what to choose, ask the specialized store assistant and he will certainly help you to find the soap box you need.