How to Get Ready for Repair of Small Bathroom

We’ve already talked about the ways of furnishing a small bathroom in a seamless manner. However, it’s also essential to know the ways of preparation for its repair. Any and all room’s dimensions require a careful choice of interior finish materials and plumbing fixtures. An exceptional attention should be given to the purchases in case if it seems that there is no space in the room to move around.

Points to Be Determined First and Foremost

  • Color palette for bathroom decoration. It is known that some shades can make it visually more spacious, and other, on the contrary can make it seem narrower.
  • Type of plumbing fixtures you wish to install. At this stage, you should decide what you prefer more: a bathtub or shower unit.
  • Sum of money you are going to allocate for the room’s interior makeover.

Once you decide exactly what kind of the new look the room should have, it’s time to go shopping.

Choose Large-Format Tiles

It’s obvious that there are tiles of different sizes — and in case you have a small bathroom, you should buy a wide tile in order to make a bathroom seem at least slightly more spacious.

How is it to achieve an effect like this? It’s quite simple: the fewer grouts are on the tiles, the deeper the room, decorated with such tiles, looks.

Miniature Plumbing Fixture Is Better Than Cumbersome One

One would think it’s obvious when it comes to a small room. But hardly anybody wants a choice of plumbing fixtures to have an impact on the comfort level. It will take a long time for a lover of bathing in the hot bathtub for hours to get used to a space-saving but less relaxing shower unit.

It’s not the best option to set a bathtub in a small room. Otherwise, space saving is out of the question.

Interior Finish Materials Should Be Dark-Colored

When the walls and the floor are in dark color, one gets an impression that there is something else hidden in the depths, and that the walls are actually much more distant from each other than it seems at the first sight. An effect like this is useful if you want to expand the room visually.

Avoid vivid contrast that may make a room seem smaller.

Do Not Buy Many Accessories

The more eye-catching accents are in the bathroom, the faster one can embrace the whole room. A couple of stylish pretties in the bathroom niches would look more suitable.