How to get ready for your bathroom renovation

Even if you prefer not to renovate your house yourself and give it to professional contractors, some preparations are still on you. When we are talking about bathroom renovation, you need to take into account all the details to avoid any kind of complications.


What your contractors need to know?

  • How you see your bathroom after renovation. First of all, tell the contractors what style of interior you are interested in, and ask them if it is possible to design such a project.
  • How much you want to spend on your bathroom transformation.
  • What you definitely do not want there. This is an extremely important point because you might not know exactly what you want, but renovation experts need to know exactly what shouldn’t be there.


Do not buy everything in advance.

If there is something that you can buy right away it would be floor and wall tiles. And that is it. Rest of the stuff, we recommend to buy when the renovation is on the go.

Why? It’s simple: before you buy bathroom fixtures you like, it makes sense to ask your plumber how realistic it will be to install them. You can go back to the store after a team of professionals accurately take all the measurements.

Besides, it’s obvious that people, who have an experience in renovations, are good with prices on construction materials and bathroom fixtures. Do not overpay! It is better to ask in what store you can buy everything you need for the transformation of your bathroom and save money at the same time. Only then go shopping.


Clear the hallways.

Before contractors get down to renovation of the bathroom, bring out everything you can from the area in front of it.

This is necessary for several reasons:

  • it  will be easier for the crew to take out all the old bathroom fixtures, you want to replace;
  • it can be quite messy while getting rid of the tiles, therefore when they move tiles out to the hallway, they can stain things lying there;
  • when you purchase new tiles, plumbing and construction materials, some space for storage is needed. A perfect spot would be one closest to the bathroom hallway.


Protect the floor and the door.

Before you start the renovation, it is necessary to wrap the door in plastic – just in case you want the walls painted. And if in the end you find out that the door is stained, you will have to spend time and money to buy special cleaners to clean it. The same applies to the floor – there is a chance they will scratch it while moving furniture and bathroom fixtures around.