How to Install a Sauna at Home

Great many people like to warm themselves in a sauna, but still, hardly everyone can carve out the time to get there. Due to the innovative technology and right design there is an ability to install the sauna within the separate house or even within the apartment.

The reasons why the sauna is so appreciated are as follows:

  • it serves as a powerful immune modulator;
  • the sauna helps in losing overweight and removing toxins out of the body;
  • it is proven that people who often spend time in the sauna are less amenable to catch a cold in between seasons;
  • relaxing in the sauna leads to a complete relaxation and getting rid of negative emotions.

A portable option is available not only for the country house. It will also fit into any ordinary apartment with some free space.

What to Choose?

There are two types of sauna suitable for the installation in the apartment:

  • wooden sauna with the electric heater;
  • the infrared cabin from the manufacturer.

Though these options are not to be compared with the spacious steam-bath in the countryside, still they can be of real help for those who love to luxuriate in the warm environment.

Surely, the wooden sauna has a lot of advantages: it is easy to control the temperature there, by choosing different modes, to adjust the humidity and to water the stones. However, it is not suitable for the living spaces and may be installed in the apartment only in case you make a replanning.

Its structure is simpler than it seems to be: the sauna of such a type involves a wooden framing, filled with a heat retainer, and on the outside, it is covered with the heat-insulating material. The door is hermetically sealed to prevent the cold bridging. The sauna is completed with the stove made of stones with an electric spiral.

However, despite all the advantages, wooden saunas are high-priced and energy-consuming. The same can’t be said for the infrared saunas. They consume as much energy as a capacious washing machine, and the wide variety of models on the market allows easily find an option even for the smallest bathroom.

Why Is Infrared Sauna More Comfortable?

  • All it takes to install it is the availability of a nearby active outlet, as the cabin of such a type is, by definition, a household electrical appliance.
  • The law does not welcome the replanning without an official permission, and, in contradiction, no documents are required in order to place the infrared cabin in the bathroom.
  • The cabin is suitable even for the very small rooms.

You can buy an infrared sauna in any specialized store. We recommend having a consultation prior to purchasing.