How to install mosaic tiles on your own

Everybody knows how to deal with the regular bathroom tile. However, laying mosaic tiles is quite a different story. The surface should turn out perfectly flat, but it is not always easy to do that with the tesserae (mosaic fragments). It is quite possible to achieve an excellent result, but it is necessary to follow the instructions.



Preparation for tiles installation involves several steps:

  • First you need to clean the wall of dust and dirt, in case it had been accumulated on it.
  • Tesserae should be placed on the properly treated, fat-free surface. So you should stock up in advance with special detergents;
  • Then measure the wall roughness level. There should be no protrusions on the wall in order to reach the flat tile surface;
  • After the wall is made completely flat, you need to choose the right tile and correctly calculate how much tesserae are required for installation.


Tile installation

If the mosaic tile has a mesh basis, all you need for the job is quality glue and trowel, which can distribute material on the site of the wall. However, this method requires certain skills, and if you do not have enough experience, be sure to use the help of professionals.

However, if you work with the module, which implies a paper fixation on the front side of the tile, then the glue should be applied directly on the tile. It would be enough to put a few drops on the sides of a tessera, and one drop in the center. Pay close attention to the choice of glue: the more reliable the glue is the better it is. Some people likes epoxy putty, others – liquid nails.


Secrets of the masters

  1. It is simply impossible to lay the tiles so that there is not at least a couple of drops of glue on its surface, so do not worry about it. Once the mosaic tile has taken its place on the wall, thoroughly clean the surface. This will require a lot of warm water and one-side rigid sponge.
  2. If the mosaic tiles contain metal or glass elements, never use a metallic sponge , because it will cause scratches on the surface.
  3. Seams between tesserae should be flattened as carefully as possible to leave almost no trace on the surface of the tile. After the job is done with the seams, you need to give them time to dry. Thirty minutes should be enough. In order to wash the tiles, you can use an ordinary, slightly moistened sponge.

Installation of mosaic tiles should not take a lot of time and effort – but only if you have experience in carrying out repair works. The newbie should contact the proven companies in order to save money, resources and precious time that would have gone to work on tiles.