How to Keep the Bathroom Clean

Bathroom is a place where you start your morning every day. The neatness of the bathroom tells a lot about how the owner appreciates order and takes care of the premises. If you have not cleaned the bathroom for a while, it is time to take care of it.

Some simple life hacks will help keep the room clean.


Regular cleaning

It is clean not where you do not litter, but where you clean regularly. At least once a week you should check the following:

  • Mirror. If you hang it in the bathroom, it will often sweat. Wipe it every time you have couple of free minutes;
  • Plumbing. Streaks and rust never look nice, so make sure that the surface is shining;
  • Cosmetics and perfumes. If you put the jars and bottles everywhere, regularly check their expiration date. Make sure you do not have any expired products, shampoos or gels, that need to go to the trash.


Suspended shelves are better than floor standing storage units

Why? It is simple: they are much easier to wipe. In addition, hanging locker with a lot of compartments can fit all the hygiene products you want. All you need to do when cleaning is to pull the jars out, quickly wipe the shelf, and then put everything back in place.

It is the best option for a small bathroom: suspended shelves occupy very little space.


Place for detergents

If you do not want to search for detergents and sponges all over the bathroom, put them on one specific shelf or the place under the bathroom (if it is dry). Thus, you can easily get everything you need and clean without losing time.

Remember that you need to choose cleaning detergent taking into account the material furniture and appliances are made of.


Small cabinet with several drawers

If you decide to put a small cabinet in the bathroom, choose one with several small drawers rather than one huge compartment. This makes it easier to lay out everything you need, and stuff in different categories will find its place.

Try not to clutter up the surface of the cabinet, and wipe it couple of times a week. It may not gain dust yet, but a few drops of shower gel or shampoo may remain on it.

These secrets are enough to keep the bathroom clean. However, do not forget that you should take into account the dimensions of the room. A small bathroom is easy to stack with useless junk, a larger one is much harder.