How to Keep the Kitchen Clean

The kitchen is a room that loses the original appearance very easy. It can happen due to knife scratches on the working surface, tiles spatter, rough and chipped sink. To avoid this, it is necessary to constantly maintain the kitchen clean. It is not so difficult if you follow a few simple rules.


Be careful with the working surfaces

  • If the counter top is scratched, you need to stock quality cutting boards. No one cuts the food directly on the counter top. Otherwise, it will have to be replaced soon.
  • Purchase special cleaning detergents that do not damage the material of the surface.
  • Wipe them every time after cooking. Drops not only look unsightly, but also dry up.


Keep the tiles clean

Dirty tile immediately catches the eye, especially if it is light colored. Any spot on it will look much brighter than on a darker tile. So try to wash it as often as possible.

Do not think that it will take a lot of time. It will take just couple of minutes to wipe fresh stains on the tiles if they have not dried up yet.


Check cabinets and refrigerator

If you always stock products and do not check expiration dates, most likely, something in the refrigerator or cabinets may go bad. The consequences are obvious: mold and unpleasant smell, not easy to get rid of.

How to protect the kitchen:

  • Regularly check the refrigerator, and get rid of bad food. Do not buy a large quantity. There is quite a chance that the products will go bad sooner than you eat them;
  • Before placing cereals and other bulk foods in kitchen cabinets, treat the premises of insects. Otherwise, it is quite possible that you will find them even in the closed jars.


Watch the state of exhaust hood and kitchen stove

Those who love to cook and do it often and willingly, will tell you that the hood and the stove are getting greasy and dirty faster than anything else. In order to keep them clean, you should remove all traces immediately after you have prepared the dish. Otherwise, the dirt will accumulate.

Observance of these simple rules is enough to keep the kitchen clean. We also recommend to save space and to occupy it wisely: in the kitchen everything should be functional, not just aesthetic.