How to Maintain Hygiene and Cleanliness in the Bathroom

The bathroom is a place where it should always be clean. However, not everybody manages to maintain order there, especially if the bathroom is spacious. We’ll tell you how to keep it clean while not spending a lot of time.


Keep Everything in Order

Cleanliness and order are inseparably linked. If all the things in the bathroom are in their places, it will be much easier to clean it. It is enough to follow certain sections in the room. Among them there are the following:

  • lockers with all disposable products;
  • hangers for towels and bathrobes;
  • laundry basket;
  • mirror and sink, cups for toothbrushes.

If you do not replace items, but every time after use just accurately return them to their place, cleaning up will become much easier at the end of the week.


Leave Only Necessary Things

If the shelf life of the cream expired long time ago, but it is still stored in the locker “for the future”, you should throw it away ruthlessly! Empty jars lined up on a shelf? Send them after the expired cream. It is unnecessary to keep any extra stuff in the bathroom. It is not the most spacious room in the apartment.

Minimalism is now in trend and there is nothing difficult in leaving only the most necessary things, getting rid of all the useless ones.


Beware of Mold and Germs

The bathroom is a very warm and humid place, especially after morning and evening washing procedures. That is why it is ideal for the mold to break through. It is important to prevent from it: make sure that the ventilation system is working right; if necessary, install a fan or even better – ventilate each time after taking a bath.

If the mold does appear, we recommend you to contact specialists able to treat the bathroom so that soon there is no trace of bacteria left.


Take Care of the Purity of the Toilet Bowl

If you do not regularly clean the toilet bowl outside and inside, eventually it will become the dirtiest item in the bathroom. To clean it, you need to purchase special products. Lots of people pursue the pleasant smell of cleaning powders and gels, but at the same time forget about their main function – and this is not right. Please note that the main thing is that the product you use should be a good detergent and in order to have a pleasant smell in the bathroom, you can always use fragrances for the house.