How to Make a Spectacular Bathroom: Bold Design Solutions

Standard bathroom is usually a small room with plumbing fixtures of classical forms, decorated in light colors. As for the accessories, you will find a solely woven laundry basket there. Most of the people will find such design kind of boring.

If you want something original and unusual, the bathroom can be repaired in such a way that it will become a genuine artwork.

Points to Be Kept in Mind:

  • experiments are a great idea. Do not hesitate to combine textures and colors, that were not even thought of before — there is quite a chance that you will find a perfect option while searching;
  • before modifying your bathroom, be sure to calculate the budget. In such a manner, you will not only be able to buy all the things needed but, perhaps, also buy some decorative items and other accessories with the saved money that will become vivid accents;
  • if you are not sure that you can achieve great results, it makes sense to reach out to a professional interior designer.

Window Decor

If you are the owner of a bathroom with a window, you are incredibly lucky: there is a lot to work on and to experiment with. Window design affects the whole room’s look, so bear in mind that the color palette of the curtains should harmonize with the furniture and other elements.

Needless to say, that as for the curtain cloth it is better to choose a high moisture resistant material that does not lose its natural state and features because of that.

Natural Wood Decor

It is considered that wood is not the most suitable material for bathroom decoration because moisture affects it not in the best way. However, there are special moisture-repellent coatings for such cases, which exist for quite a long time, as well as cleansers for wooden elements, that may be used for wash with no worries about the wood condition.

In addition, it should not go unmentioned that details of such a sort look luxurious, elegant and truly unusual.


This option is far riskier than the wood. It is an open secret that wallpaper is considered moisture-non-resistant design element. However, it is in fact absolutely wrong: there are special types of wallpaper released long beforehand that can be put up both in the bathroom and in the kitchen; in other words, in rooms with high humidity.

The number of colors and textures presented in specialized stores will allow you easily choose wallpapers fitting into the bathroom in the best possible way.