How to paint an acryl bathtub

If you made up your mind to renew your bathroom, first of all pay attention to the condition of your bathtub. When it is enough just to do a facelift, bathtub repainting is an ideal option.

Examine a bathtub. Make sure there are no following damages:

  • Through holes
  • Fractures
  • Cracks in bath drain area

If there are some, it is better not to save money but replace a bathtub. Light repairing here won’t help.


Preparing to repainting

To repaint acrylic bathtub first you have to prepare it:

  • With the abrasive cleanser you have to carefully clean the surface, so it is degreased. Also, it is important to take off the old enamel coat. For this purpose, don’t forget to purchase flint glass paper or angle grinder with a special tip at the specialized store.
  • Then close bath drain and overflow, take paper or plastic and put on the floor under the ledges. If you put too much acryl, you will be able to remove it while it is wet. When it is hard it is almost impossible.
  • During tub repainting, paint can get onto the tiles around, so it is necessary to cover them with the tape.


Let’s paint acrylic bathtub

First of all, it is necessary to know that the way of painting depends on the aim of your reconstruction. If you need simply to change the color, then it is enough to fill the surface with the acrylic paint.

To get rid of little damages, there is no need to repaint all the surface of a bathtub: what you need is just to sand damaged pieces down and then paint them with the thin layer of acryl. If you don’t know what tools you need, buy ready-to-use set for repairing acrylic bathtubs. You can buy them at any Home Depot store.

You cannot apply acrylic paint with a brush or a roller, but only with a spray-gun. The thin stream is necessary to make you bathtub evenly painted. When the paint is dry, polish repaired pieces with a special paste, and the surface will shine.


Can other paints be chosen?

No way. If you pick up different paint formulation, the work will have to be definitely redone: any other paint won’t fit acrylic bathtub. For example, alkyd enamel will simply damage the surface, and other paint will slide down coat by coat.