How to pick best big-size bathtub

There is no reason to refuse a desire to install big-size bathtub if you are the owner of spacious bathroom. This is a great opportunity to spend more time relaxing and indulging yourself after a long day, furthermore big-size bathtub will allow you taking a bath together.

You will be amazed to the variety of different models currently present at the market – so you can easily find ideal bathtub and enjoy yourself. Below are the picks which you should pay attention to while choosing a bathtub.

Acrylic or Composite Stone?

The most important question for all the buyers is what type of material bathtub is made of. Most common materials which are used to make big-size bathtubs are either Composite Stone or Acryl. Both materials have several advantages:

  • due to comfortable curves in the bathtubs made of both composite stone and acryl, human body does not get numb even after a long time spent inside the bathtub
  • such additional options like backlight, aroma-therapy and hydro-massage can be easily added to the bathtubs made of both materials
  • acrylic bathtubs are lighter in weight, however there is an opinion that bathtubs made of stone can serve longer, thus, you can always request delivery from professionals
  • both bathtub types are easy to maintain, however it is harder to choose cleaning supplies for bathtubs made of stone. Bathtubs made of stone will serve you decades, so choosing cleaning supplies – is nothing.

What should be considered while planning?

If you have decided to purchase big-size bathtub, it means that your bathroom is spacious enough. Pay attention to smallest details while planning; think about other bathroom appliances as well. Will it be comfortable enough to move around bathroom after bathtub is installed?!

If space is big enough, install bathtub in the center of the bathroom – that way it is easier to plan placing all other bathroom appliances. If bathroom is not spacious enough, consider corner and built-in bathtubs – they are easily installed next to the walls, thus saving a lot of space.

Self-installation or requesting specialists` assistance?

Referring to specialists is more preferable, especially if you have never done this before. Despite the fact that big-sized bathtubs are very durable, they are easily damaged if delivery, transportation and installation are incorrect. Of course, any scratch or chip can easily be removed, but do you want to overpay?

Miami Bathtubs will install bathtub of any size quickly and without any issues, so you can plunge into the fragrant foam or have a hydro-massage session very soon. Call us at any convenient time!