How to Save Money on Bathroom Remodeling

Miami Bathtubs will help you make a decision moneywise if you are trying to figure out whether to order bathtub refinishing services or just buy a new bath. Statistics, recently produced by National Kitchen & Bath Association, has shown that a full bath replacement could cost a person more than 3500 dollars on labor and materials. You’ll only spend around 10% of a full replacement cost if you decide to choose our services.


Once you start your bathtub refinishing process, you’ll notice all surrounding imperfections and you’ll want to update them, so that they match one beautiful item in the room. There are several refinishing options performed based on what material your bathtub is made of:

  • aliquid acrylic refinishing is performed if the bathtub has an acrylic surface;
  • enamel refinishing is performed if it’s made of metal and painted;
  • special glue refinishing is performed if it’s made of stone.

High quality materials, modern equipment and professional experience are the main components of a successful bathtub refinishing process. Specialists strongly recommend not to perform bathtub refinishing on your own. You risk aggravating the situation, and instead of having a simple bath refinishing service done you’ll end up buying a new bathtub.

A professionally restored bathtub can serve you additional 15-20 years, which gives you a significant money saving option. Proper care is extremely important: you should protect your bathtub from mechanical impact to prevent chips and cracks and use suitable cleaning products. To keep your bathtub sparkling like brand new, follow our professional advice and wipe the surface with a microfiber or cotton rag after each use.


Tiles occupy the biggest part of your bathroom space, your room’s presentable look directly depends on tile type and quality. Tiled surfaces should be taken care of in the first place. Same attention should be paid to stone countertops and screens. You can buy recommended cleaning gels or sprays in stores and use them 3-4 times a month according to the instructions. If your tiles are chipped and seams in between are getting dark or if your stone or plastic surfaces have cracks on them, you definitely need to contact Miami Bathtubs representatives for help. Our expert will come to your location shortly to estimate work volume and complexity and to determine service duration. Be prepared to the fact that you won’t be able to use your bath for some time. It’s important to let the glue or any other refinishing product dry to avoid future repair expenses.

Shower Cabin

Shower cabin can cause more problems than bathtub since it has more components. Below are the main breakdown types:

  • a worn-out tub (scrapes, chips, holes);
  • electrical equipment failure;
  • broken doors or rollers;
  • a deteriorated faucet or shower head.

If you have any of these problems, please contact Miami Bathtubs! Our specialists pride themselves on being high competent and fixing things in most hopeless cases. And remember: prevention is always cheaper than treatment!