How to Take Care of a Sink. Steel and Other Materials

In spite of growing popularity of acrylic and ceramic sinks, articles made of stainless steel don’t stand ground. They are firm, chemically resistant and long-lasting. We cannot complain. In addition, corrosion-resistant coating prolongs working lifetime.

However, some dirt is very difficult to remove, for example, grease. It covers the surface of a sink with a thin coat and eats in it so hard that it is necessary to use very strong detergent and hard scotch-bright pad.


Which detergent is good for cleaning of steel sink?

You can choose from the variety of options in home care store. The most important is to remember that there are two types of cleaning products:

  • Universal;
  • Designed for metal articles.

You can buy any of these detergents. However, by the time of choosing the first type of cleaning products, pay attention to the composition. At the same time, universals cleaning products are not created equal. Probably, some chemicals will work with dirt more effectively than others.


What to do if you don’t have any detergent on hand?

In case if you don’t have any professional products, you can use the things that we have in every house: lemon, baking soda and vinegar. They destroy grease and spots as fast as expensive chemicals.

There are several effective ways to clean a sink.

  • Cut a lemon on halves, dip it in soda. Then intensively rub dirty places with the lemon and leave it for some time. It can take from 5 to 20 minutes. Everything depends on a level of grease. When the lemon has worked, water the sink with hot water.
  • Mix water and vinegar, pour the mixture in a small squeeze bottle. After that evenly spray the entire dirty surface. Take a sponge and thoroughly rub the surface. Then water the sink.
  • Wet the sink with hot water, after that rub it with soda and leave it in this condition for a few minutes. Then apply the surface with vinegar mixture and leave it for 5 minutes. Done! Ready to wash.

Obviously, there are many effective detergents to clean a sink made of stainless steel and other metal. However, the most important is not how thoroughly you clean the surface, but how regular you do it.

If there is a lot of damage on the surface and whether you need to resurface the sink or replace it, we recommend not to suffer and ask professionals for help.