How to transform a bathroom into a spa

Not many people realize that instead of spending money on spa visits, they can create their own at home-spa by transforming a bathroom. And it’s not as hard as it seems at first glance – all it takes is a few simple elements.

Spa treatments are vital for everyone who wants to relax their body and soul. SPA stands for “sanitas pro aqua” – “health through water”, therefore, it is obvious that:

  • First of all, spa treatments were aimed at reliving health issues;
  • At the same time they, certainly, have always been treated as a very pleasant pastime.

If you appreciate the opportunity to relax without leaving home, this option is definitely right for you. The bathroom turned into a spa is not a fantasy, but a reality.

Bathtub and shower

You should begin thinking about buying plumbing fixtures at the earliest time of a bathroom renovation – the design stage. To have at home spa experience, you will need an extra-wide and roomy tub so that you can lay down in it and relax. Perhaps, such tubs look more like a mini-pool than a bathtub. However, it won’t be a good idea for narrow compact rooms.

A shower cabin for a home spa will be a good addition to a bathroom – especially when taking into account additional features that modern showers offer, such as hydromassage, the hamam, aromatherapy, sauna, among others. If it sounds like something you may like, go for it.


For comfort and coziness

If you want your bathroom to be cozy – which is an integral part of the environment of any spa – you should watch out for the right accessories and latest technologies that will increase the level of comfort.

  • A floor heating system is a vital element. Even if you have a bath mat on your floor, it still gets cold and unpleasant, and as a result, a wonderful relaxing experience can be ruined. To prevent this from happening, you need a heating system.
  • Music is a nice bonus to a relaxing bath or sauna. A leisurely pace and pleasant melody will help you forget about your chores and let you enjoy a hot bath.
  • The air-conditioning system is also an element that is essential for a bathroom. If you like to stay in a bathroom longer, you will notice that it gets very hot. To maintain a comfortable temperature, you definitely need air conditioning.



To get the spa-like feel in a bathroom, you need to soften your lighting. You can easily do it by installing a deeming switch, which will turn harsh lights into a pleasant and comfortable lighting. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different light fixtures, after all, your home-spa experience will depend on it.