How to upgrade the bathroom: storage system for little things. Part 2

We have already talked about how annoying little things can be and how it can ruin the interior of the bathroom. It happens unnoticeably. First, things just pile up, and then they clutter the room hopelessly. We will tell you about the ways in which you can store stuff in the bathroom so that it is not only convenient, but also beautiful.


Buy a basket for toilet paper rolls

Surely you’ve seen how your friends pile tons of toilet paper rolls on the washing machine or on the open shelf. It is not the best choice for a stylish, well-furnished bathroom.

We offer to buy a wicker basket, which would be quite roomy and comfortable, and set it on the eye-level or higher. Also keep in mind that it should be easy to reach when needed. Another option would be to put a basket under the sink. It will also look appropriate there.


Use dividers

The most needed cosmetic products are often stored in the lockers, but if you bargained half the store, it is unlikely that you can easily find where to put it all. Everything that is stored on the shelves has to be sorted out.

You can use the following types of dividers:

  • cardboard dividers that look like book directory in the library; but they are suitable only for long open shelves;
  • custom made compartments that help easily separate one type of products from the other;
  • small boxes: cosmetic products are convenient to store, and you can see right away where everything is.


Consider buying beauty bag

Before you start arguing and saying that makeup stuff can’t fit any bag, remember that beauty bags can be different. There are impressive cosmetic cases of huge size for make-up pros, who need to travel to the customer with all their supply of cosmetics. This option will fit well in the bathroom.

Best of all, of course, is to buy makeup bag with handles, so you can leave it on the rack: thus you will save space.


Place the magnetic strip on the wall

If you constantly drop the pins in the bathroom, and then cannot find them, a magnetic strip is the perfect solution. Most of these strips serve to fix the knives on the kitchen wall. However, the bathroom will fit such an accessory perfectly.