How to Use the Glass in Bathroom Interior

Glass is one of the most popular materials used in the process of bathroom design. This option is nontemporal: glass elements look elegant and aesthetically pleasing regardless of trends. They fit into nearly any bathroom.

We are going to tell you what glass details will look perfectly.


If the room is small and dark, glass door would be an excellent solution since it permits light through. Provided that it is not necessary to make the glass transparent – it can be frosted or even stained.

In most cases the doors are ordered for two purposes:

  • for rooms dividing. As a rule, the frosted glass is used in the given example;
  • doors for zoning. One room may be divided into separate several zones, and in this case glass of any type may be used.

Room Dividers

If you don’t want to separate several zones in the room, you may confine yourself to the trivial glass room dividers. But, well, their “triviality” is pretty doubtful – glass material may be colored, textured or even ornamented with decorative fixtures like moisture-repellent stickers.

Smart Glass Walls

Smart glass purchasing has begun back in the past year since this element is absolutely essential for a stylish and contemporary bathroom design. Its distinctive feature is that the transparency of the glass can vary.

There are two types of the smart glass:

  • SPD – it does not permit light through when it’s getting dark;
  • LC – all features remain the same, meaning that the glass becomes dark visually, but it still lets the light through.

If you want the bathroom to have transparent walls, but still doubt it and see no relevance in it, then the glass like this would be an ideal option. Anyway, you can just darken it at any time.

Glass Shower Cabin

In case you are not looking for the corner shower cabin, but for the one with four fixing walls, you should keep in mind that glass models will fit into any bathroom perfectly. They are minimalistic and attractive at the same time, and, of no little interest, fairly simple of maintenance.